Saturday, February 16, 2013

Heaven Has Great Boxes!

As adults, we think that it is our job to teach our children everything there is to know about everything. But sometimes, it is our children that teach us some of the simplest life lessons.  With that sweet little 3 year old Mylee, taught me a very simple lesson about heaven.

I was in the process of picking up Maci and Mylee from school when I heard the news that one of my very dear friends had lost her mother that morning.  I told the girls that we were going to make a quick stop to see Trish because her mommy had died.  Immediately Mylee was very concerned.  "Awwww....her momma died?"  Mylee said.  "Yes" I replied, "and I want to stop by and give her a hug and tell her that I'm sorry and I love her."  "Momma?  Is she in heaven?"  "Yes she is"  I told her.  "Is she is heaven with Grandma Yokel?"  Mylee asked.  "Yes. They're both in heaven."  I replied.  "With Jesus?"  She asked.  "Yes, they're both in heaven with Jesus."  I said.  "Well momma, what do you think they are doing up there?"  She said.  I told her, "Well, I'm not sure, but I bet they are all having a good old time in heaven together!"   "Well momma, when are they coming back?"  She asked.  Then I told her "Honey, they're not coming back.  They are going to stay there in heaven and we will get to see them again when WE go to heaven."  There was about a minute of silence when Mylee exclaimed "Momma, I know why they love it there!  It's because they have GREAT boxes!"  I wasn't sure I heard her correctly so I asked her "Did you say boxes?"  She said "Yes momma!  GREAT boxes!"  I was still confused so I asked her again "GREAT boxes?"  "Yes momma"  she said, "You know, when you die and they put you in a box and your eyes are closed.  Then they close the box and they push you over there.  Then when they open the box back up your eyes are open and you are in HEAVEN!  It's like a great magical trick mommma!"

I was in tears as she finished her explanation of the "GREAT boxes".  Mylee taught me something about heaven that day.  That it really is pretty simple...If we love Jesus with all our heart, we can be a part of something as magical and amazing as going to heaven in one of Jesus' GREAT boxes!