Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Unexpected Question...

While we were in Taiwan for 3 weeks we had the privelidge of getting to know one of the pregnant moms who also had a 5 year old little girl that His Hands had been helping. I got to go along to one of her doctors appointments and go in the room for her ultrasound. I had never seen an ultrasound other than my own. And I have to say it was very moving and brought tears to my eyes. Here was this young lady, with a precious life inside of her and she didn't have any idea whether she was going to keep her baby or not. And she was allowing me, some foreign woman she had never met, to be a part of this very intimate moment. I was completely overwhelmed but extremely thankful for this opportunity. On our ride home I told Cheryl to let her know that we just loved her little girl and Donnie said he could take her home with him. She then turned to Cheryl and told her to ask us if we wanted her. What???? I was taken back and for the first time...speechless! Then Cheryl told me she probably wasn't kidding.

We really hoped that we would be there in Taiwan when she delivered, but unfortunately that didn't happen.

Fast forward to about a month and a half ago. While we were skyping with John and Cheryl one evening I asked about the mom. Cheryl said that was funny that I asked, she had just got a call from her and she was wanting to give up the baby and her little girl. Then Cheryl said she wanted them to go to Mylee's mom and dad. I couldn't believe what I was hearing!!!! I immediately thought...What? Surely she is kidding? I also wanted to say YES, YES, YES we will take them!!!! But I knew this was something Donnie and I would both have to pray very hard about. When I went to bed I couldn't get it out of my head so I just gave it to the Lord. I asked Him to please give us a clear answer

The next day Donnie called me told me it was heavy on his heart, but he just felt like it was not our time to adopt 2 more children. First of all we had just moved to a much smaller house and we did not have the room. I would probably have to quit working to stay home and we really couldn't afford that, especially if we had 2 more children. Would this be fair to Mylee who had only been home around 7 months? Were we lacking in faith? There were a billion questions in my head! But, I also knew that God would make it happen if this was His will. Then we heard that the mom might have changed her mind. She just wasn't sure what she wanted to do.

We thought long and hard, prayed constantly, searched through God's word and even asked others close to us to pray. In the end, we just didn't feel like this was what the Lord had wanted us to do. Me and Donnie are both very open to the idea of adopting again. This just wasn't our time....and we are at peace with that.

We recently heard that both children are at an wonderful orphanage doing very well, and they already have a couple families in mind. Praise the Lord!