Sunday, January 9, 2011

18 MONTHS OLD.....

It's so hard to believe that Mylee is 18 months old today! It seems like just yesterday we got the call from Cheryl while vacationing in Florida that she was holding our baby girl! I can't even express the emotions we had that day. Today, as I look at our precious Mylee, I stand in awe of our Lord and Savior! He has blessed our family beyond measure!

Mylee is such a joy and definitely has her own personality. These are just a few of the things she can do:
  • Mylee is walking everywhere and gets into everything!!!!

  • Mylee weighs 20 lbs and is still wearing her 12 month clothes. She's a petite little girl.

  • She repeats pretty much everything we say. We are trying to teach her some Chinese words too.

  • She still absolutely hates to have her nose wiped.

  • She eats with a fork and spoon very well. I'm not sure if she is going to be right or left handed since she uses both about the same.

  • Bed time for Mylee is awesome! It's my favorite time of the day! Maci and Mylee each pick out a book to read, we all go into their bedroom and snuggle on Maci's bed and read. Then we shut off the lights, pray to Jesus and give hugs and kisses goodnight. I LOVE IT!!!!

  • When Mylee gets sleepy she has to have her pink blanket and her paci. It's always a package deal.

  • Mylee loves skyping with John and Cheryl...or should I say Poppy and Momma! The other day she heard John's voice on the computer and couldn't get to it quick enough. She definitely misses them!

  • Mylee loves church!!!!

  • She prays all the time! She'll be playing in the living room, stop, put her hands up to pray and then say "Amen". This is just way too cute!

  • Mylee is also very, very stubborn! Boy oh boy, can she be stubborn!

I could go on and on about Mylee, but I will stop now! What it all boils down to is that Mylee is a very normal 18 month old and we absolutely adore her and everything she does...even the stubborness!!!! Life at the Farmer house is great!


  1. She is just such a precious little blessing!!! I am so glad to have been there when you got the referral call and get to be her Aunt Debbie!! I love her!!!


  2. I had such fun playing with her after church on Sunday. She had such a good time checking out Heidi and Eden's baby dolls. She really, really likes Heidi's baby, especially her eyes that close! It was so cute!