Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Home of God's Love.....

After some sightseeing in Taipei, we headed out to The Home of God's Love. Words cannot even express what wonderful people Ted and Bev Skiles are. They have such a heart for the Lord and their love for children is obvious. Helping out with the 25 babies was my mission. read this right, they have 25 babies!!!! Each and every one of them absolutely adorable!
When we arrived, me and Cheryl just dove right in! Going straight to the nursery and grabbing a baby to help out. We rocked the babies, we fed the babies, we changed diapers and we got to visit with all the volunteers who were there helping. All the babies eat at the same seeing 25 prepared bottles on a tray, each with the specific baby's name on it was quite a sight to see. Many of the older kids from the orphanage help with feeding time....which was awesome to see! There may be 25 babies there....but each one gets one on one bonding time all throughout the day. These precious little ones are definitely loved on "LOTS" before they finally get to go home with their forever families.
We were fortunate enough to meet a couple families there picking up their daughters. One couple were missionairies from Kurdistan picking up their sweet baby Gracie!
My favorite part of the day was nightly devotions. Every night the children in the orphanage have devotions with Ted. Each child who is 13 or over goes to the nursery and gets a baby and brings them to devotions with them. This gives the babies the outside stimulation that they need. I'm not sure who enjoys it more....the babies or the kids! It's just so sweet seeing the older kids holding these babies and singing hymns to them. It was a very moving moment for me.


  1. I have been trying to find the Home of God's love website- but am unable to find a working address. How would I connect with someone at the orphanage about adopting?
    Blessed by your blessings,

    or you can call this office number:886-3-9514652
    This one is fax number:886-3-9510191

  3. When I try to go to there site it says there is a malware warning. Any suggestions? I've visited their site before with no problems.