Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We flew into Evansville at 9:40 and had the entire family waiting for us at the gates! All the grandmas and grandpas, Wayne and Whitney, Debbie, Trish, Milady and Berkeley were there! They all had signs they had made to welcome Mylee home, balloons and flowers. Whitney was right up front with a bib on that said "I love my big sister" I wanted Whitney to be the first one to hold Mylee. She stretched her arms out and went straight to big sissy, then she laid her head on her shoulders as if to say "I love you WeeWee!" It was such a special moment for Whitney....as you can see she was crying happy tears! Then it was all the grandmas and grandpas turn! Mylee went to each and everyone without a whimper...she was such a doll!.
Trish and Milady were there with a big Taco Tierra Diet Pepsi with a big straw.....just the way I like it! And OOOOOHHHHHH it tasted so good! It definitely felt good to be home!
We loaded up all of our luggage and headed to Allendale! We had a lunchmeat tray, chips and cookies waiting for us at the house. We ate, visited a while and then we all laid down for a quick nap. Peyton has her "Sports Banquet" tonight at 6:30.....and we wouldn't miss it for the world!
I love you Whitney!!!
Grandma Barb snagging a kiss
Mylee with Mimi
Big Bubby Wayne and Mylee
Auntie Debbie with balloons for Mylee
Grandpa Bob
Papaw Larry
Still giving her love to Whitney
Home Sweet Home....with an awesome sign in the yard!!!
Peyton's friend Elise even made a sign and put it on our door.....too sweet!
Just a snoozin'

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