Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vacation for the Nannies....

Oir family had the privilege of staying at His Hands to watch the babies so that the nannies could go to Kenting for a mini vacation. We started on Thursday morning at 8:00 am. I managed to give all the babies a bath and take their pictures for their families. At 2:00 pm a substitute came in until 10:00 pm. We were able to relax downstairs and get a nap before we took over. We let Dillon and Peyton go ahead and go to bed because we didn't figure they would be much help during the night shift anyway. Donnie put Mylee to sleep and I told him to go to bed too—if I needed him I would come and get him. The babies were all asleep when I got to the nursery. Maci and I laid down on the bed and watched a little TV until she went to sleep. At 3:00 am all 4 babies woke up hungry. I managed to get them all fed and changed . But none of them went back to sleep. Donnie came in and checked on me a couple times...and luckily I had everything under control. Finally at around 6:00 am, I was able to feed all the babies and get them to sleep. Then Donnie took over while I went to bed to catch a few hours of sleep. Donnie, Dillon and Peyton stayed in the nursery until 11:00 am when I woke up. Then we let Dillon and Peyton take a break from the nursery and take Maci to the playground.

At 2:15 pm on Friday, Donnie looked at me and said “That lady that comes at 2:00 is a little late. When is she supposed to be here?” I just looked at him and said, “Honey, she's not coming!” Donnie said, “What?!!!!” And I said, “We have the babies by ourselves until 4:00 pm Saturday.” I thought Donnie was going to freak out!

By that evening Donnie and I had a system going. I think the hardest thing for us was remembering to write on the log what time the babies ate, how much they ate and when they pooped! We definitely learned a little bit about each baby's personality in the two days we were with them.

CAYSEN—AKA BUTTONS.....He is definitely all about the hands. He loves to look at his hands, eat his hands and play with his hands. He also loves to be held and stare at you and give you his adorable smile that lights up the room. He loves to sleep on his belly and when he is done with his pacifier....he loudly lets you know it! Caysen is a serious cuddler! When you put him on your shoulder he puts his face right up under your chin and snuggles right in.

LEIA.....She is a happy baby and is pretty much always smiling. But when Leia is crying, she is most definitely the loudest! She is probably the most scheduled baby when it comes to feeding time. You can always count on her eating in exactly 3 hours. Leia also loves to sleep on her belly and likes to sleep on your chest. She loves being held when she is fed so she can look up at you. Leia is absolutely adorable!

MAREN—AKA MEG.....She is a very serious baby! But after seriously checking you out, she will give you that little smile that makes her big brown eyes sparkle. She is all the time saying Bababababa! Meg likes to sleep on her back and does not want to be held when she is being fed. She also loves to be held and stare at your face. You could just lose yourself in those big brown eyes and those eyelashes.....well I would love to have her eyelashes. I always knew when Meg was waking up because both feet would fly up in the air. She'd be laying in her crib and I'd see these 2 feet pop up. Too funny!

MIA.....Miss Mia is so sweet and so tiny!!! She makes this squeaky little dainty noise just before she is going to cry. Mia is such a little snuggler too. When she is laying in your shoulder she cuddles right in and seems so content. She is also pretty scheduled on feeding time. She loves a bath and is a very good napper. This little lady got the best of Donnie too....she not only peed all over him but she also pooped all over Donnie.

Dillon had “Star Wars” names for all the babies too! Of course there was Princess Leia. Then he said Meg had a Chewbacca sounding cry (which she does) so her name was Chewbacca. Mia was Yoda simply because she was so little. And Caysen....well he hadn't got a name yet and he started crying so Dillon said his feelings were hurt because he hadn't been named yet. It was at that very moment that Caysen was officially named Hans Solo.
The House of Hope
Caysen....I think he looks like he is getting ready to pray

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  1. Love seeing this picture of the House of Hope. I have wondered what it looks like. Enjoy the rest of your trip. I'll be praying for your travels home!