Friday, May 7, 2010

A Taiwan Hair Shampoo.....

Ever since we have been here in Taiwan, Cheryl has told me and Peyton that she was going to take us to get our hair washed. I kept thinking to myself....what is the big deal about getting my hair washed? I do that every day! Well, let me tell you....a Taiwan hair shampoo is like nothing you can ever imagine! It is absolutely wonderful!
Cheryl picked us girls up from the House of Hope and took us to the shop she always goes to. First of all they set you in a chair and give you a massage on your shoulders. Which felt amazing and sometimes a little painful. Then they take this bottle and just squirt it on your dry hair and begin shampooing. WOW is all I can say!!!! They not only shampoo your hair, but they also massage your head. The girl cracked her knuckles, did this tapping thing and finger flicking thing....oh my goodness it felt sooooo good!!!! And all of this lasted about 30 minutes.....30 minutes of pure heaven!
Then they take you to rinse off.....only your not in a chair, you are actually lying down. By this time I am totally loving this hair shampoo! Then they dry your hair and style it for you. Maci and Moriah had their hair french braided. And what is even get all of this for about $5.oo USD.
Now I totally see what Cheryl was talking about. I have NEVER in my life had a hair shampoo that felt so amazing! Cheryl said the girls who give the shampoos go to school to learn how to give them. We definitely need one of those schools in the USA!!!!!!
Maci getting her shampoo
Peyton was loving it
Cheryl getting her shampooMe, Maci and Peyton relaxing while we are rinsed
Maci's french braid
Peyton's all finished

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  1. Where are the pictures of you, with your hair all done????