Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saying Goodbye.....

Today is the day that I have not been looking forward to. While I am excited that we will be taking Mylee home with us in a few days, I am still very sad to see the Dunn's say goodbye to Mylee. They love her so much and while they knew this day would was still very difficult for them. Although they handled it much better than I did. I couldn't keep from crying. We gave John and Cheryl a digital photo frame and a flash drive full of pictures of Mylee. I know that we could never repay them for giving their love and their heart to our daughter. But we pray that the photo frame brings them joy as they see Mylee's precious face and beautiful smile in all the pictures.
We also had to say goodbye to Rae Fang and her family. Mylee just loves Rae Fang...and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual! I will miss this little, but mighty lady. I'm so glad that we got to get to know her and her family! What a blessing she is to us and to Mylee.
Mylee got sweet hugs and kisses from everyone, and we took lots of pictures. I know that Mylee had no idea what was going on. But it's not's see ya later! Now when we skype with John and Cheryl, we will be doing it so they can see Mylee. We look forward to them coming home next summer on furlough. I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time together! We love them all very, very much and consider them family. Of course to Mylee, they will always be Momma Cheryl and Poppa John.
The digital frame we bought John and Cheryl
Love by so many

Hugs and kisses from Poppa John
Flying high in Poppa John's arms
We had to get a picture of Mylee with Rae Fang's family
Our family together with Rae Fang's
The very special and very loved Dunn's with Mylee
One last pic with Poppa John
Last minute hugs from Momma Cheryl....
Our two families together as one
Mylee blowing kisses "See ya' later"

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