Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Peyton's Graduation....

Tonight Peyton graduated from 8th grade. I can't believe my sweet little Peytie Pooh is going to be a Freshman in High School. She pretty much took every award there was to receive. She received the American Legion Award, Science Award, Spelling Award, English Award, Math Award, Reading Award, Literature Award and the Health Award. Donnie and I were busting at the seams. We are so very proud of Peyton and all of her accomplishments. Oh by the way....did I mention that Peyton got the "All Season Athelete of the Year" at the Sports Banquet?
Allendale's graduating class of 2010
All the CRAZY girls in Peyton's class
Peyton and her bestie Ashley
Daddy and his not so little girl
Now lets eat some cake!!!!!

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