Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day.....

It was amazing being able to spend Mother's Day in Taiwan. John and Cheryl's church had a special service planned. They had invited lots of people and had the meal catered so the service was moved to the community center. The only bad thing....there was no air conditioning there and it was very hot outside. Luckily they had lots of fans and it really wasn't that bad.
The adult choir sang a few songs and so did the kids. The high school kids put on a puppet show that was hilarious. Even though it was in chinese, we could tell that it was about Mary and Martha. Mylee absolutely loved the puppet show! John did a mini-sermon and Eugene also spoke. There was also a little Bible trivia game! I actually answered one and got it right!
We had got Cheryl a charm bracelet with a couple charms on it that we wanted to present to her on Mother's Day. One charm was baby's footprints with Mylee's name on the back and the other was a picture of Mylee with the words "Always in my heart" on the back. We just wanted Cheryl to know how very grateful we were for her being Mylee's foster mom the first 9 months of her life. We also thanked the church for loving Mylee and praying so hard for our adoption. Our gift brought Cheryl to tears....but she loved it!
After the service we had lunch. Well, it was definitely interesting....but I tried EVERYTHING!!!! We had stir-fried rice, squid, scallops and cabbage, fried octopus, this pasta stuff that was NOT good, some sort of round things with bean paste in it, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, these whole little fish things (when I took a bite of this I thought I was going to puke), watermelon and cake. We also had the most amazing Jasmine Honey tea I have ever had. I bet I had at least 6 glasses of it.
We stayed quite a while and pretty much everyone held Mylee. This was going to be the last time they would see her. Dillon and Peyton played basketball and also had a little lesson on how to write Chinese.
The adult choir
The kids puppet show
John talking about MaryAll the kids playing basketball
Maci playing with one of the puppets
Dillon and Peyton with some of their new friends
Xiao Mei and Mylee
Holly, Cheryl, me, Rae Fangs mother-in-law, Rae Fang and Mavis, Rae Fangs niece
This wonderful family always kept Mylee on Sunday afternoons. They came by after the Mother's Day service to say goodbye to Mylee. It was very obvious that they loved Mylee and was going to miss her very much. They had a hard time saying goodbye to her.

This is a video of the kids singing one of their songs

This is Rae Fang's crazy aunt teaching Peyton a dance

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