Sunday, May 16, 2010

More at THOGL.....

Peyton, Dillon and Maci made friends with lots of kids at The Home of God's Love. These are just a few of the pics. Grace and Peyton, in the first picture below, really hit it off. They were pretty much inseparable while we were there. In fact, Peyton and Grace have already exchanged letters since we have been home. Peyton is talking about taking another trip to Taiwan to help at THOGL. She has such a mission's heart....and has told us she want to go to school to be a missionary. Yes, I am an awfully proud momma who is bursting at the seams!!! The kids all just loved playing hangman with Peyton

By the end of our 3 week stay in Taiwan we had all mastered the art of chopsticks....even Maci!

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