Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monkey Mountain.....

We left the house this morning around 6:30 am and headed for Monkey Mountain. I can tell you right up front....this mountain kicked my butt! I had Mylee in the hip sling and we started our hike. At the very beginning we started seeing monkeys. I think the kids said they saw 54 monkeys in total. At about the halfway mark the sweat was dripping off of me. We met a little 80 year old woman on the way up.....she was definitely doing better than me at that point. John called the steps the "Neverending stairs". And that's exactly what it felt like......the stairs were neverending! I was praising Jesus when we finally made it to the top! The view was amazing, and we saw several monkeys there.
When we headed down and got to the bottom, Cheryl decided to buy some mango ching (Sour mango) As soon as the lady gave her the bag, a monkey came from behind and grabbed it and darted up a tree. Oh my was so funny!
We then headed for a bathroom, which was of course a "squatty potty". I opted to hold it and wait until we got home. Maci could not wait....and let just say she has not mastered the art of the squatty potty!
When we got home we were all fighting for showers! We were all just a little stinky!
The very beginning of our hike....yes that is monkey mountain in the background
monkey statues
Dillon.....monkeying around
The first monkey we saw
The are the "Neverending Stairs" that go on and on.....
....and on....
.....and on.

The kids pose for a picture at the top
more monkeys
The Farmer clan
A monkey very, close up
The beautiful view from the top
Looks like Donnie made himself a friend
Peyton and Maci
The CRAZY Dunn's
Mama and her baby
The thief who stole Cheryl's mango ching
The squatty potty

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