Friday, May 14, 2010

God is a Maker of Miracles...

We arrived in Taipei late last night. I tossed and turned all night long worried about our AIT apppointment. I just keep praying that God would go before us and prepare the way with our appointment. I prayed that Miss Joyce's heart would be softened and the one paper that Mylee's birthmom did not sign would not effect their decision. We woke up early and met John and Cheryl in the restaurant for breakfast. I didn't have much of an appetite...I was way too nervous. We then began our walk to AIT.

We arrived right on time and asked the guard what floor we needed to go to. He informed us to go to the 2nd we did. We checked in at the window and sat down and waited to hear our name called. About 15 minute later we hear our name and walk up to the window only to find out we are in the wrong office....we needed to be on the 3rd floor. So we quickly go to the 3rd floor office and check in at the window, and sit down again to WAIT. "Li, Kai Xin" the lady from behind the window calls out. We go up, answer a few questions and she asks if we have the pictures of Mylee. My heart sunk! I forgot them back at the hotel! Luckily we were able to call John and after a quick search in our room he found them. Cheryl walked (she probably ran) back to the hotel and got them for us. WHEW!!!! We immediately took them to the lady at the window and she told us to have a seat on the other side of the room and wait for our interview. the nerves have really set in!!!!

We waited maybe 5 minutes and we hear "Li, Kai Xin" again. We step up to the window to begin our interview with....Jennifer Joyce. She was very kind and began asking us questions. The interview took about 3 minutes. Then Miss Joyce looks at us both and says with a smile, "Have a safe trip home....Congratulations!" I said "Thank You" and turned to walk out of the room trying to fight the tears of joy. We made it to the hallway and Cheryl shouted " Praise the Lord!" She was crying, I was crying and Donnie was crying! The Lord truly performed a miracle today! Thank you Dear Jesus for answering our prayers!!! Mylee Kai Xin Farmer is officially ours! All we have left to do is pick up her visa on Monday morning.
We raced back to the hotel to give John and the kids the great news! Now it's time to celebrate! Let's eat!

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