Sunday, May 2, 2010

Church and Potluck.....

This morning we went to church. Before church began they had a prayer service. Their church service was amazing! As they were singing I couldn't help but cry. The Lord is definitely moving there and it is so wonderful to see everyone praising God so freely. The prayers that everyone lifted up for Mylee and our family were very moving as well. I think Donnie and I cried through most of the service and we couldn't even understand what they were saying. Our hearts understood though.

After church was a potluck dinner for May birthdays. We all knew we were going to be eating some real Taiwanese food...but would we like it? Mylee loved it of course, Dillon loved the curry and rice, Peyton didn't like anything, Maci loved the corn soup and Thai noodles, Donnie like the curry....and I tried everything there. Even the fish head soup, seaweed and fungus. Which I liked....but I did NOT like the mango ching and some sort of seafood slaw that was absolutely awful!!!! The smell was bad enough, but I did try it!
This is a picture of the church

Birthday cake

Tina and Mylee
Rae Fang & Tina
Some of the kids doing dishes

Samuel and Benny

This is Purvis......Mylee loves him!

Rae Fang telling Peyton something
This was this woman and her son's first Sunday to church
Mylee giving Cheryl some lovin'

John, Cheryl & Mylee


  1. These are great pictures!! I am so anxious to hear all your stories about everything!!! I love hearing about the church service, reminds me of when we went to church when we were picking up Heidy!!

    Love you guys!!

  2. I'm proud of you for trying all the food! I loved trying it all when we were in China. - Great pictures. It's cute to see Mylee and Maci dressed alike. :)