Monday, May 10, 2010

The Beach in Kenting.....

After the Mother's Day service we all headed out for Kenting. It was about a 2 hour drive there, and we were all very excited to get to the beach. We got there later in the afternoon so we didn't stay at the beach but a few hours. The beach is absolutely beautiful! We were all so ready to come back the next day!
Mylee ran a low grade fever during the night so we decided to stay in the hotel while the rest of the crew went to the beach. Then the plan was to go later that afternoon as long as she felt fine. Cheryl came back around 1:00 and picked me and Mylee up and off to the beach we went. I do believe we have another little girl who loves the ocean! Mylee had such a good time! Donnie and John both took her in! Maci was floating on a board and she got so relaxed she fell asleep. It was so cute! I think Maci would live on the ocean if she could....come to think of it, I would live on the beach if I could too!!!
Peyton fell asleep too....only while she was laying out in the sun. She paid for it too! She got a pretty wicked sunburn. Today is Donnie's birthday too! I can't think of a better way to spend yoou birthday than on a beach! It was such a fun time! We all had a blast!
This rock is supposed to look like Richard Nixon
Peyton's sunburn
Maci taking a little snooze in the Taiwan Strait
Moriah....buried in the sand
Mylee looking just too cute in her swimsuit and hat
Maci taking it easy
Swimming with daddy
I LOVE this picture of Moriah and Maci!

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