Friday, April 30, 2010

Mylee's Adoption Physical.....

On Friday morning we took Mylee to the hospital for her adoption physical. Once we arrived, Cheryl checked her in and she was weighed and measured. Mylee is 18 lbs. and 26 inches long. Then they took her blood pressure and checked her pulse. After that, they sent us upstairs to see the doctor. After seeing the doctor, he decided that Mylee should have blood work done....which was not what we wanted to hear. The nurses downstairs were not too thrilled about having to draw blood on her either. They were so sweet with Mylee as they were getting her ready. Donnie held Mylee, because I just couldn't. They tried in her hand and got a little blood. Our baby girl is so brave...she never cried or even whimpered. They were even moving the needle around in her hand to get more blood and she was just looking around. Now mommy and Aunt Cheryl on the other hand WERE crying. The whole time we were both praying to God that it would be over. Then we find out that they didn't get enough drawn. So they have to stick her again...this time they did it in her arm and she cried a little bit. Praise Jesus they got enough! I don't think me or Cheryl could have taken seeing little Mylee being poked again!

Check this out....exercise bicycles in the waiting room! Genius!


  1. I hate that she had to get stuck!!! But it is all necessary to get her home!!!

    Love you!

  2. Poor Baby. She's a real trooper, that girl is! When they did Jake's here, they tried both arms and a lot of digging before they got a vein. I thought Jake was going to come off the table and start swinging! He was not as sweet as Mylee!

  3. The nurses wear pink! Kind of Cute! :)