Thursday, April 29, 2010

The House of Hope.....

I wanted to make a trip to the House of Hope before Mark and Christine had to fly out of Taiwan so we could meet them and pray for them. As soon as Christine and I seen each other we just hugged. Mark and Christine are such remarkable people....and very strong willed! They are going to bring Owen home--this is a fight they will not lose! I told Mark and Christine that if they heard from USCIS before we came home we would gladly bring Owen home for them. Owen is so darn cute! When he gets excited he has the cutest mouth ever!
Then Christine took us upstairs to see the babies! Oh what a beautiful sight to see! The first baby I saw was sweet little Jasper. He was fussing in his bed until Cheryl swooped him up. Then I saw sweet little Mia...she is so little. She just smiled at me behind her pacifier, she is quite a beauty! Then I noticed little Caysen all snuggled in his seat sound asleep. Oh what a handsome little fella he is! Then I saw smiling Leia...and that is exactly what she is always doing--smiling! Her little eyes just light up when she smiles too! Then I saw Meg. She was getting her bottle from Mary when we got there. She is such a cute little baby....and very serious. I tried really hard to get a smile out of her but she just kept looking at me like I was some crazy lady!
We gave Holly and Trena the staff shirts that the HH families bought for them and they were so excited! They just loved the green color! We even got to meet Xiao Mei and Joshua for just a minute. She was on her way to a bible study.
We got to visit with Mark and Christine for a little while and then Cheryl prayed for them just before we had to leave. Continue to keep this family in your prayers as they fight to bring sweet little Owen home where he belongs.
Holly, Owen and MyleePeyton holding Owen and Mylee
Leia is on the left, Peyton is playing with Mia and Cheryl is holding Jasper
Mary is giving Meg a bottle
Mark, Christine and Owen


  1. Love the photos and all the babies. So glad you guys are having a great time. I see Olivia's purple hand prints on the wall behind Christine. :)

  2. Gina, you made my morning. Thanks for sharing!