Friday, April 30, 2010

Mylee's Adoption Physical.....

On Friday morning we took Mylee to the hospital for her adoption physical. Once we arrived, Cheryl checked her in and she was weighed and measured. Mylee is 18 lbs. and 26 inches long. Then they took her blood pressure and checked her pulse. After that, they sent us upstairs to see the doctor. After seeing the doctor, he decided that Mylee should have blood work done....which was not what we wanted to hear. The nurses downstairs were not too thrilled about having to draw blood on her either. They were so sweet with Mylee as they were getting her ready. Donnie held Mylee, because I just couldn't. They tried in her hand and got a little blood. Our baby girl is so brave...she never cried or even whimpered. They were even moving the needle around in her hand to get more blood and she was just looking around. Now mommy and Aunt Cheryl on the other hand WERE crying. The whole time we were both praying to God that it would be over. Then we find out that they didn't get enough drawn. So they have to stick her again...this time they did it in her arm and she cried a little bit. Praise Jesus they got enough! I don't think me or Cheryl could have taken seeing little Mylee being poked again!

Check this out....exercise bicycles in the waiting room! Genius!

Just Pics.....

Thursday, April 29, 2010


These are some pics of Maci and Mylee watching "UP" on the laptop. They were too cute not to post! It looks like Maci is going to be a great big sissy!

The House of Hope.....

I wanted to make a trip to the House of Hope before Mark and Christine had to fly out of Taiwan so we could meet them and pray for them. As soon as Christine and I seen each other we just hugged. Mark and Christine are such remarkable people....and very strong willed! They are going to bring Owen home--this is a fight they will not lose! I told Mark and Christine that if they heard from USCIS before we came home we would gladly bring Owen home for them. Owen is so darn cute! When he gets excited he has the cutest mouth ever!
Then Christine took us upstairs to see the babies! Oh what a beautiful sight to see! The first baby I saw was sweet little Jasper. He was fussing in his bed until Cheryl swooped him up. Then I saw sweet little Mia...she is so little. She just smiled at me behind her pacifier, she is quite a beauty! Then I noticed little Caysen all snuggled in his seat sound asleep. Oh what a handsome little fella he is! Then I saw smiling Leia...and that is exactly what she is always doing--smiling! Her little eyes just light up when she smiles too! Then I saw Meg. She was getting her bottle from Mary when we got there. She is such a cute little baby....and very serious. I tried really hard to get a smile out of her but she just kept looking at me like I was some crazy lady!
We gave Holly and Trena the staff shirts that the HH families bought for them and they were so excited! They just loved the green color! We even got to meet Xiao Mei and Joshua for just a minute. She was on her way to a bible study.
We got to visit with Mark and Christine for a little while and then Cheryl prayed for them just before we had to leave. Continue to keep this family in your prayers as they fight to bring sweet little Owen home where he belongs.
Holly, Owen and MyleePeyton holding Owen and Mylee
Leia is on the left, Peyton is playing with Mia and Cheryl is holding Jasper
Mary is giving Meg a bottle
Mark, Christine and Owen

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


"I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him." 1 Samuel 1:27

I cannot even begin to explain how amazing today was! We are so happy to finally have our Mylee in our arms! Our flight got into Taipei a little early so John and Cheryl had to scramble to get to the HSR when we got off the train. John's friends Craig Thompson and Peter Bennett met us at the airport and rode with us on a shuttle bus to the HSR. We had 12 suitcases all together so it quite an achievement to get them all on the train in around 5 minutes time. I don't know what we would have done without Craig and Peter there! Then we had about an 1 1/2 hour train ride. I didn't really get too nervous until about the last 15 minutes of the ride....then my heart started beating really fast and I was getting emotional. John was supposed to meet us at the platform when our train arrived....but they were running late because they didn't expect us until around 10:00 am and it was 9:00 am. The workers at the train station were so nice, they helped us unload our 12 pieces of luggage and started heading toward the elevator with it when we saw John running down the station.

Cheryl called and told us to call her when we were getting on the elevator.....and I said "Cheryl, we're getting on the elevator right now." She said "Okay, gotta go!" and hung up. When we were coming up on the elevator the kids were hollering at me saying "There she is Mom! There she is!" But I was looking the wrong way....until there she was! All smiles! Andrew and Moriah were holding up a banner with Mylees picture on it. I went straight to Mylee and wrapped my arms around her and just breathed this moment in....and it was AMAZING!
Our Welcome banner!
Mommy and Mylee's first moment together
Daddy and Mylee
The whole gang at the train station
I think she likes her big sister Peyton....
.....and Dillon too!
Dillon with his 2 little sisters
Daddy giving Mylee his first bottle

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mylee....Here We Come

Well, the day has finally arrived....we are going to Taiwan to get our baby girl! We spent most of the evening last night getting our bags packed, weighed, repacked and weighed again. We had so many donations and extras to bring that we had to pack 3 extra suitcases. We were more than happy to help out though. We had to make one last stop to Walmart for John to get Giradelli White Chocolate chips....sorry John, they didn't have any. I went ahead and bought Nestle though. I'll find that recipe for you on Google. I promise!

I actually slept extremely well....but was up very early. I think I was just way too excited! We were all up, showered and ready by 9:00 am. Barb, Debbie and Whitney came to take us to the airport. When we got to the airport I was so excited to have Patty Spencer come to see us off. She gathered us all together and said a wonderful prayer before she left. I love you Patty!

Donnie's dad was able to slip away from his job long enough to give hugs and kisses for all of us! I was glad he could make it too! The biggest surprise was Andrea and Libby Berry! I was so happy to finally meet them both! What a sweet blessing to see a beautiful little baby from Taiwan as we are getting ready to go! Thanks Andrea for taking the time to come and see us!

The flight to Chicago was uneventful and the kids did just great! Maci was the star attraction on the flight! The stewardess announced her name and said she was American Airlines special guest on the flight! All the passengers clapped for her! I wish you could have seen her face....she looked at me and said " did she know my name?" It was way too cute!

We're at Chicago O'Hare right now and have a couple more hours until our flight to San Francisco. Then at 1:10 AM we take off for Taiwan. We will arrive in Taipei Wednesday at 5:50 AM their time....Tuesday, 4:50 pm our time. John has arranged for a missionary friend of his to meet us at the airport and put us on a shuttle bus to the HSR, then help us get tickets and load our luggage for Kaohsiung. Please pray that happens without any problems.

The entire Dunn family and half of their church will be there at the train station to greet us! Oh, and Cheryl said Mylee will be right up in front of the crowd! So that means we will be holding our daughter in a little over 24 hours! Praise God!

We have encountered another bump in the road....but scripture says "And we KNOW that in all things GOD works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose'" Romans 8:28 and "If GOD is for us, who can be against us" Romans 8:31

AIT are questioning the one document that the birthmom needed to sign, but Holly and Trena, who have Power of Attorney, signed instead. They are willing to accept it as long as Immigration in the states will approve it. So PLEASE pray that Immigration will approve the document that Holly and Trena signed. AIT called Rae Fang and told her that they couldn't guarantee our appointment on the May 14th because of this. I was a little upset when I heard the news...but I have faith that our GOD in heaven will take care of the whole situation. AIT is also demanding that Mylee's birthmom be present at our AIT appointment. They have informed H/T that if she cannot be there....they need to have documentation of every single time they have tried to find her, phone her, text her, etc. Pray for this situation as well!

A scripture that is one of my favorites has really gotten me through some difficult times during this adoption process. "May the GOD of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in HIM, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13 That is exactly what I am doing....I am casting all my worries to the Lord and trusting in Him so that my hope and joy is overflowing! GOD IS GOOD AND FAITHFUL!!!!

The Farmer Family at the airport ready to go

Debbie and Barb with all of us
Auntie Debbie with Maci
Andrea and Libby Berry
Peyton acting silly before her very first flight
Our little Maci....she's an old pro and flying
Dillon waiting for take-off

Friday, April 2, 2010

We Got It...

First of all I want to explain to you the events of this glorious day!

I woke up this morning, much like any other day. I went straight to the coffee pot to prepare my morning cup of joe. I then checked my email and ate me a couple pieces of toast. I then proceeded to clean my house. I had made a list of all the things I needed to do and I was very eager to get them done.
Around noon I heard the mail truck drop off our mail. I had no expectations of anything exciting arriving today...It had become normal for me to always be disappointed. When I opened the mailbox....there it was!!! The envelope I had prayed for for so very long!!! My heart started beating very rapidly and I could almost feel my legs turning to rubber. I made it in the house and looked at Dillon and said "I think this is it!" Then the shaking became uncontrollable. I had so much trouble opening the envelope Dillon even offered to do it for me. When I got the letter out and looked at it...I knew what it was! Our I-171H!!!! We are finally approved to go to Taiwan and pick up our sweet Mylee!!!! Then the tears came and I bowed my head and thanked our God and Savior for answering our prayers! Dillon immediately called Donnie and gave him the this time I believe I was about to hyperventilate. The next 15-20 minutes are kind of a blurr to me. I remember calling my mom, but I don't really even remember what I said.
I have emailed a copy of the I-171H to Holly and Trena, and I also emailed AIT for our TAI2010#. We are praying for a quick response from AIT so we can send our TAI# to Holly and Trena, then they can make our AIT appointment. I do know that we will most likely have to stay in Taiwan a little bit longer than 2 weeks. Mylee cannot get her adoption physical without her passport...and since Mylee is legally ours in Taiwan, we will have to apply for her passport as soon as we get there. It could take anywhere from 8-10 days to get that. Then Mylee can get her physical. We are prepared to stay in Taiwan as long as it takes!
We are all in a state of shock!!! This is something we have been wanting for so long....and now that we do it just doesn't even seem real. God has been so faithful! I have relied on Him to give me the strength to make it through each and every day. I cannot praise HIM enough!
“O LORD, You are my God. I will exalt You, I will praise Your name, For You have done wonderful things; Your counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.” Isaiah 25:1
All I can say now is "Mylee....Mommy and Daddy love you and we ARE coming really, really soon!"