Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still Waiting....

We still are waiting on our I-171H to arrive. I just want to give a little heads up to others out there who are also in the adoption process. Pay close attention to the dates of home visits on your homestudy! When we sent in our I600A application we had plenty of time before it expired according to the date it was signed and notarized by our social worker. Well, apparently USCIS goes by the date of the last home visit...not by the notarized date. Unfortunately we found out about this the hard way! And I have to say makes absolutely no sense to me at all! But, we have to do what the government says.
So, we had to get our homestudy updated before we could send in another I600A application. This process took around 4 months total. This is why we are waiting on our I-171H at this time.
During this whole adoption process I have definitely learned the true meaning of patience. We continue to rely on our Lord and Savior for comfort as we wait. We know that God's timing is ALWAYS perfect.

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