Thursday, March 4, 2010

Earthquake in Taiwan....

We got the news last night around 10:00 that there had been a 6.4 earthquake in Taiwan. And the epicenter was in Kaohsiung. My baby girl is in Kaohsiung. I immediately said a prayer, then got on the computer and emailed John and Cheryl. MSN news said that all of the electric had been down in the city, but I sent a message anyway. It was a very restless night. All I could think about was that Mylee was half way across the world and I did not know how she was. She honestly has not felt more far away than she did at that very moment. I want her home in my arms even more! God please protect her and let her know that her mommy is coming!
I got up this morning to wonderful news! Everyone was okay! The Dunns, Mylee, the babies at His Hands, the nannies and Holly & Trena and their families! Thank you Lord for answered prayers!

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