Friday, November 6, 2009

We Are Seeking God's Comfort...

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

Mylee's mom did not show up for her homestudy. Cheryl and Rea Fang went to pick her up at the designated place and she did not arrive. They are sure she is still scared and sure that something will happen to reveal other things she has done wrong.

The social worker told us that the next step is to file a missing person's report and declare Mylee abandoned. His Hands actually had her sign a paper that states they have the right to report her missing if they can't contact her. Rae Fang will continue to try and contact her this weekend and let her know that they are going to file this report. It is possible that if they can contact her she will be afraid enough of the report that she will allow Holly and Trena to take her to the social worker's office. If she does not respond before Monday they will file the report. God gave His Hands an amazing contact with a high ranking female detective last week. She was very touched by His Hands and told them to call her if they ever have a problem. Holly and Trena could not imagine why they would need her...but maybe it was for just this time.

Once the report is filled, if she is not found and a homestudy done within 4 months then Mylee will be legally declared abandoned and the social worker will submit the paperwork with what she has. The process will take up to two months after she is declared abandoned to be completed. So we are looking at 6 months. This is very hard for us to hear and we are praying that God will prepare our hearts and minds and give us peace through this whole situation.

Two specific things we can pray for:
1) Mylee's mom will answer Rea Fang's call this weekend and will agree to let His Hands take her to do the homestudy to keep us from filling the report.
2) If one does not happen we will pray that after the report is filled they will find Mylee's mom during the month of November. If they are able to find her and bring her to the social workers office she will drop everything and do her homestudy. She will delay writing up todays report till the end of this month to give them time to find her.

Our hearts are breaking at this moment in time. We know that God has a reason for all things and we will continually seek His peace and comfort. He knows the cry of our hearts and He knows how badly we want Mylee home. He is going to work this for good, because He promised in His word that He would.