Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Court Date..... was our court date. And as you read on, you will see that it was certainly a day filled with drama.

At about 2pm Cheryl called Holly and Trena. They assumed she was calling to let them know that she and Rae Fang had been successful in picking up Mylee's birth mom...that was not the case. Cheryl, who praise the Lord was in the car with Rae Fang, had just received a frantic phone call from Mylee's birth mom saying she had been in a car accident and was in a hospital way on the opposite side of town. Holly and Trena immediately decided that Cheryl and Rea Fang should go and see her and take pictures and wait there in case the judge wanted to talk to her and Holly and Trena would go on to court with Mylee. They said they prayed and asked God to go before them all and prepare the way. As they were about to enter the court they got a call from Cheryl telling them that the whole things was made up...Mylee's birth mom was not in the hospital, and had not been in an accident. She was simply afraid to come to court, so she lied. (she has several outstanding fines and is afraid they would make her pay them) There was nothing for Holly and Trena to do except go into the hearing without her. When the judge asked where she was, they explained to her exactly what had occurred and she just laughed, and said there is nothing I can do about her fines. She assured them that it did not matter if the birth mom was there or not, they had all the notarized release and proxy papers that they needed. She asked all the normal questions and then told Holly and Trena that she would not require another court date. She said she would just get Mylee's birth mom's information from the HS report that will be written by the social worker. So Praise God the fact that she was not there had no bearing on our case at all.
There was one thing that judge would not budge on, she wanted some notarized, translated, TECOed documents. The documents that we need are notarized copies of all the following:

1) Health Report of letter written by your physician
2) Criminal Check
3) Letter of Employment
4) A financial report or summary

As soon as we have these documents notarized we will email them to His Hands. They will send them to AT-Link to be translated, then send them right back to us to attach to the originals and have them TECOed.

Holly and Trena went straight to the Social Work office downtown after court and talked to them about our homestudy. They talked to the Social worker that is in charge of our case and explained Mylee's birth mom's situation. She agreed that they could do the HS with Mylee and Cheryl and the birth mom all at the House of Hope on the same day. This way, they will have a little more control over her being there. The social worker was very sensitive to our situation and eager to get the HS done.

This was a lot to take in, but we truly know that God is at work and is in control. The homestudy has been scheduled for November 6th, we just pray that the birthmom will show up.